Maa Tarini : The Presiding Goddess of Ghatagaon, Keonjhar

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Maa Tarini : The Presiding Goddess of Ghatagaon, Keonjhar

The first word a baby utter when it takes birth is ‘Maa’. Maa is so sacred, so emotional, so lovable, so respectable that no one can live without Her. The hindu goddess Maa Tarini cares for all, blesses all and pleases us by suffering Herself. Maa Tarini is one of the Mother Goddesses in Hindu religion and the Temple of Ghatagaon is famous all over Odisha. The temple located in Keonjhar District and is popularly known as Ghatagaon Tarini Temple. Maa Tarini is believed to be the living Goddess of the place and is worshipped by the devotees with great emotions.

Maa Tarini Temple
Maa Tarini Temple

Facts of Maa Tarini Temple

It dates back to history, when the King of Puri Sri Purushottama Deva won the War of Kanchi (Kanchi Abhijaan) and returned to Kalinga with Princess Padmavati. He also brought the deities Maa Tarini along with Lord Madan Mohan, Raghunathjew to Puri. Sri Govinda Bhanja was the then ruler of Keonjhar (a state at that time) under Purushottama Deva and helped his King to conquer over Kanchi. Pleased with Govinda Bhanja, Purushottama Deva wanted to reward him. Govinda Bhanja asked to take Maa Tarini along with him to Keonjhar.

The King agreed to this and Maa Tarini also granted Her permission but kept one condition. As per the condition, she will go with Govinda Bhanja as long as he doesn’t look back to see Her. Erstwhile travelling through the forest of Keonjhar Maa’s horse hoofs were not audible to Govinda Bhanja. And thus he looked back scared of the thought that Maa Tarini had stayed behind. At that place, which is known as Ghatagaon, Maa took the shape of a stone posture and presided as Maa Tarini. Later, a temple was built at that place.

Maa Tarini Temple Keonjhar
Maa Tarini Temple Keonjhar

The Glory of Hindu Goddess Maa Tarini (Maa nka Mahima)

Maa Tarini is very fond of Coconut. She blesses all her devotees and no one comes empty handed from her Peetha (Temple). It is a strong believe that if anyone sends Coconuts to Ghatagaon Temple, all his/her wishes come true. Maa needs no elaboration, expensive preparation from us. She needs few inexpensive and common things from us. There is a saying and it has been proved also, whoever has prayed Maa and offered her a coconut on Tuesday or Saturday, Maa will fulfilled the desire of her Devotees.

Tarini Temple Puja
Tarini Temple Puja

No where in this world one can see such a miracle. If one gives a coconut on the name of Maa at anywhere in Odisha then it will be carried to Maa Temple without any hesitation.

Plan A Visit to Maa Tarini Temple

If you have a desire to be fulfilled, if you wish something in your life, if you want blessings of Maa Tarini, then visit GGhatagaonduring anytime of the year, be it Summer, Winter or Spring. Maa has always opened Her doors for the devotees. She will never send you back without fulfilling your wish. The Temple of Maa is located at a distance of 45 km away from Keonjhar Town, 70 km away from nearest railway staion Jajpur Road and around 180 km from Bhubaneswar Railway Staion.

And Finally…

As mentioned earlier, a mother never demands expensive gifts from her sons and daughters. Similarly Maa Tarini never demands anything from Her devotees. She is pleased by offering Coconut and Mandaar flower. The Holy Temple of Maa is set on a Sal tree which is so sacred. The Ghatagaon village sings the glory of all Odisha due to the Presiding Goddess Maa Tarini.

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